Dream Dungeon

social dreaming role-playing game, collaboration with Carina Erdmann
Dream Dungeon is a role-playing game that lets players explore a COLLECTIVE DREAM. The players start by sharing their dreams. Together they then take on the role of a shared DREAMER as well as other CHARACTERS from the dream material. They re-enter shared dream SPACES through a social dreaming exercise based on free association to solve QUESTS given by the dream itself.

Dream Dungeon follows the vein of previous social dreaming practices that have engaged with dreams from the perspective of a hypothesized collective unconscious.

The latest sessions were played online as part of the dreamXchange ~ Guided Sessions, and in person at a.pass in Brussels.

Plutonic Bonding

LARP, collaboration with Bea Xu
Plutonic Bonding was a day-long LARP at au JUS & surrounding sites in Brussels.

During a time of ecological unravelling, Plutonic Bonding is a psychogeographic LARP connecting players to terrains across multiple timelines at au JUS and its surrounding sites. Equipped with an inventory device applying the method of loci, a shallowly deep lore of the cosmos is uncovered as characters are guided to encounter and encode the entities inhabiting the land – whomst may well hold the key to accelerating extreme microclimates of the near future.

The first two sessions were played at au JUS in June 2024.

Horizontal Twilight Spells

non-playable card game and relational writing system

The Drift

2023, polished marble and onyx, resin bases, forged iron, 64 black core board paper cards from “Horizontal Twilight Spells – Set 2: Xi”, force-directed graph, 240 x 240 cm

Accomplices Bleed

2022, online LARP, collaboration with Carina Erdmann

Accomplices Bleed lets players view their own situation through the lens of historic visions of the future to explore paths of subversion and complacency.

Using dialog techniques the Online LARP invites players to become engaged with one another through a conspiratorial attitude. The game is based on E.M. Forster’s 1909 novella The Machine Stops and atmospheres found in archival footage. 

Imagine a world in which humans have abandoned the surface of the Earth and live buried underground. Each individual lives isolated, with bodily needs met by the global machine. People are connected in telepresence for their main activity: the sharing of insights and ideas.